Alexis Evans – CD. Girl Bait


Condition: Neuf / New
Years: 2016
Producteur : Doghouse & Bone Records
Ref: DGRCD-AE-01
Artist: Alexis Evans
Title: Girl Bait
Turn: CD digipack
Style: Rhythm and Blues, Soul revival


01 – Let’s Do It
02 – Dream World
03 – Keep The Good Time (On Your Mind)
04 – Everything You Heard Is True
05 – The Horniest Waitress
06 – Girl Bait
07 – Let Me Tell You Why
08 – Nobody Home (When I’m Leaving)
09 – There’s Always Someone
10 – It’s Alright With Me
11 – There’s nothing wrong


  1. Alexis Evans - A1 0:29
  2. Alexis Evans - A2 0:29
  3. Alexis Evans - A3 0:29
  4. Alexis Evans - A4 0:29
  5. Alexis Evans - A5 0:29
  6. Alexis Evans - B1 0:29
  7. Alexis Evans - B2 0:29
  8. Alexis Evans - B3 0:29
  9. Alexis Evans - B4 0:29
  10. Alexis Evans - B5 0:29



Info: The fine producer of the La Noire record series, brought to you by Doghouse & Bone records, is offering you a fresh look at the tried and true soul sound: Alexis Evans and band from Bordeaux, France. Originally just a trio, the band worked on writing all original music while on the road, taking much of their inspiration from Memphis sound and Stax records. The trio added organ and horns and headed on down to the Memphis of middle France to record at Doghouse & Bone studios, going live to tape ith ribbon mics and analog equipment. The band knocked out this entire session in four days back to back! We borrow much from each other, the States and France. Here, Alexis gives us a handsome fresh face, a tight band, and a great take on the 60’s groove. Soul has taken a front seat once again in the lexicon of young music listeners. The French are passionate about what they do… they smoke with passion, litteraly. I hope you will drop the needle on this Doghouse and Bone debut from Alexis and band. After a year playing hundreds of live dates, they offer you this release of original American soul music. Not unlike that cigarette, it is tasty, exciting to watch, and worth the time.
James Ventrella