Doghouse & Bone Records

logo finalDoghouse & Bone Records is french label.

Founded in 1999, DogHouse & Bone RECORDS pressed their first records :Dal Rocka, Rubby Ann, Hot Rhythm’n Booze, Today the label develops vinyl serie,LANOIRE.

I started LaNoire with the idea that I wanted to treat the music created on 45rpm with the respect that these original records deserve. Most of the vintage music we hear on compact disc has been modified and copied from master tapes that are far from what the original musicians and record producers intended. Speed changes are commonly found, as are many modifications to the original mastering, compression and equalization. These changes were never part of the original recordings, nor were these records intended to be digitally re-mastered to the taste of a modern ear. Please be sure that LANOIRE is doing everything possible to respect the original sound and intentions of the bands and producers of these recordings, re-releasing them as they were scrupulously first produced.

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